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$150 off your 2nd pair of complete glasses

Depending on your lifestyle and vision needs, you may want or need an additional pair of glasses. One pair should be used to provide vision correction while performing your primary activities. A second pair can be used to compliment or provide vision correction for other activities in which you participate.


Second pair options include:
  • Sunglasses
  • Reading glasses
  • Specific sports glasses
  • Safety glasses depending on your specific needs (including lawn work and shop work)
  • Computer glasses - Intermediate and near
  • TV glasses - distance only
  • Evening wear
  • Change of style
  • Spare Pair

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Now Offering COVID Vaccinations

TSO Allen is now offering COVID-19 vaccinations to everyone 18 years and older on premises.

Please schedule an appointment online or feel free to walk-in on Wednesday's between 1:40PM and 4:00PM.

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